Army ROTC Scholarships

The Army ROTC program offers multiple opportunities to receive scholarships. Although the scholarships vary, they can offer benefits such as full tuition and fees, room and board, annual book allowance, monthly stipend while in school, and opportunities to participate and earn pay as a drilling soldier. Click through the various, but not fully inclusive, list of scholarship opportunities. While participation in ROTC classes does not guarantee a scholarship, a student can work to attain a scholarship while taking the courses. Our expert enrollment officer can assist and answer any questions you may have. 

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High School Students

High School students can start their College Army ROTC scholarship application during the summer between their Junior and Senior Year in High School.

Scholarships are based on merit and how well the student encompasses Cadet Command’s model of Scholar, Athlete, Leader. Scholarships are awarded by a Scholarship Board of Active Duty Army Officers. These boards are convened in October, January and March.

In order to give the student the best chance of being selected for a scholarship, students are encouraged to have their packets complete before October 1st of the student’s Senior Year. The deadline for students to begin the application process is January 10th.

What to expect in the Application

As part of the scholarship process students will be asked to submit ACT and/or SAT scores, a personal statement and their transcripts. Students will also be required to conduct a Department of Defense Medical Exam Review Board Physical and a Physical fitness Test.

Important items to remember

In your scholarship application, you will be asked to list the schools you plan to attend in order of preference. Keep in mind that you will also need to apply for admission directly to each of the schools you decide to list. There is no direct connection between the scholarship application and the regular admissions process. Listing a school in your ROTC application does not constitute an application to the schools listed. DO NOT list schools you do not plan to or do not wish to attend! Make sure you list a participating Golden Griffon Army ROTC Program School as one of your top choices on your application!

Professor of Military Science (PMS) Interview

The final portion of the Army ROTC Application is the Professor of Military Science (PMS) Interview where the student is interviewed directly by an acting PMS or their representative. We encourage those who are interested in Duke or NCCU to conduct their interviews with us at the Blue Devil Eagle Battalion if possible. Remember, the PMS Interview should be the last thing that a student completes in the application process, so before you schedule an interview, make sure that you’ve completed your portion of the application!

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Undergraduate/Graduate Students

if you are already enrolled in school, you still can still receive an Army ROTC Scholarship.

Scholarship awards to current students are based on the funds available for the current Fiscal Year and often vary from year to year. However, our students are generally very competitive for scholarship dollars when they become available. If you sign up for ROTC and do well in the training program as well as in your academic classes, chances are good that you will be submitted for a scholarship. 

A contracted Scholarship recipient can receive:

  • $420 lump sum per month of school 
  • $600 per semester for books and materials for college classes
  • Full Tuition and Fee Payment or Room and Board

*participating schools each offer additional scholarship benefits for ROTC recipients, speak with our enrollment officer to learn what else is available! 

Graduate Students

Graduate Students are welcome to join ROTC and take part in our training. They are also eligible to receive scholarships. These scholarships offer the same benefits as regular scholarships including full tuition and fees, as well as a stipend and a lump sum for books. If you are a PhD student, or have you tuition covered from other means, you can elect to have your scholarship cover Room and Board instead of just tuition and fees.

If you’re interested in ROTC and the possibility for receiving a scholarship, give us a call today and we can discuss what options are available for your year group.

Active/Reserve Military

If you’re currently on Active Duty as an Enlisted Soldier and you want to earn your Officers Commission, the Green-to-Gold Program is the place to start. The Green-to-Gold Program offers several scholarship options, including 2, 3, and 4 year scholarships as well as options for those who want to remain on Active duty while they finish their degree.

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In the Guard/Reserve

If are a full-time student and currently in the National Guard or Army Reserve, you can participate in ROTC and earn a commission as an Officer while you attend college. Click our “How to Join” page to find out more.

Minuteman Scholarship

2 and 4 year scholarships for full tuition and fees or room and board, plus receipt of annual book allowance and monthly stipend. 

Prior Service

Serving in uniform is unlike anything else. If you have prior service as an Enlisted Soldier and have been thinking about returning to the military, we’d love to talk with you! As long as you have less than 10 years total time in service, you may be eligible to return to duty as an Officer through Army ROTC. Perhaps you’re really excited about your new civilian career but what to continue to be a part of the Army family? You can do ROTC and commission as an Officer in the Reserve or National Guard. You’ll gain valuable leadership experience and will earn more money than your Guard or Reserve Enlisted counterparts.