Canisius University offers a unique master’s degree program in anthrozoology for students who are passionate about studying humanity’s relationships with other animal species. Throughout the program you will explore human-nonhuman interactions in a variety of contexts including the extraordinary relationships that exist between people and companion animals; humans’ interactions with and attitudes toward wildlife; the roles of zoos and sanctuaries; policies and laws that permit instrumental and industrialized uses of nonhuman animals; and a wide range of environmental and conservation issues. The curriculum includes a large variety of courses that provide a broad knowledge of anthrozoological issues while enabling you to specialize in areas that will be relevant to your ongoing studies or career.

$895/credit hour
2 years
Application Dates
Fall 2024 (Priority Deadline: Feb 1)

The Anthrozoology program is conducted in a modified online format. As a student, you will come together with faculty at the beginning of each semester for a four-day series of meetings and workshops. You then return home, where coursework is completed online through rigorous discussion and detailed study, guided by the top professors in each respective field. Major emphasis in the program is given to blending knowledge from three foundational areas:

1.   Natural science approaches to understanding our fellow living beings
2.   Social science methods for investigating human-animal interactions
3.   Humanities-based strategies that illuminate human-animal relationships
from ethical, political, and cultural points of view

You will study anthrozoology through each of these core areas before taking on a focused capstone project such as an internship or thesis.



Canisius University provides anthrozoology students an opportunity to network and learn with prominent researchers and scholars in the field. Many of our students take an active role in advancing the field by presenting their work at national and international conferences such as the International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) and several have published their scholarship in academic journals. In addition, current anthrozoology students and alumni edit and produce Animalia: An Anthrozoology Journal.

Laurel Wreath
Student Publications and Conference Presentations
Laurel Wreath
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Alumni Outcomes
Our alumni have been accepted into high-level doctoral programs and continued to work in careers that promote animal welfare and much more. Read their stories.
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