Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Collaborative Opportunities

Canisius students are highly motivated and create their own opportunities to support our local community.

Pre-medical students requested to participate in the PreMed Scholars Program, a national course offered through the American Medical Student Association. This program focused on the social mission and public health aspects of medicine. Students completed a project as part of this program where they worked with a local Health Sciences Charter School to develop and offer hands-on activities to high school students related to health professions. Students then traveled to the American Medical Student Association national conference where they were able to meet speakers from this program and hear national leaders in social medicine and public health.


Pre-medical and pre-health students support an adult tutoring program at the New Hope Education Center at Harvest House in Buffalo, NY. For the past two years, students have volunteered to help adults improve their math and English skills in order to pass entrance exams for classes to become Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses. Through this work, our students gain a better understanding of the social determinants of health and help others enter health care professions. Our students were recognized with for outstanding service-learning in supporting the efforts of Harvest House. Additionally, our pre-dental students volunteer in the Good Neighbors Health Clinic at Harvest House.