Specialized Studies

Inspiration and drive are important tools for success in the professional and academic worlds – all you need besides is knowledge. Some academic careers are too specific or focused to neatly fit into the typical majors. Preparing for a niche career or exploring specialized interests requires a unique curriculum that allows you to devote yourself to your area of study. That is why the Specialized Studies opportunity exists. Through Specialized Studies, you are given the freedom to create a major that synthesizes multiple disciplines for your complete education. No matter your career path, you can enjoy courses and advisement to prepare you for a bright future.

Creating your major through Specialized Studies grants you a laser focus in designing a curriculum that will meet your unique needs. You are welcome to pick and choose from the humanities and the sciences, using a multidisciplinary approach to perfectly round out your specialized degree. Through the approval process, you will sit down with professors who will assist in your course planning and help to hammer out the details of your learning objectives and career trajectory after graduation. You will also benefit from the same high level of academic advisement as your peers in the standard majors. Your degree will be designed to culminate in a Senior Project, focused on your area of study. This can include a major paper, internship, research project or more, signed off on and monitored by your advisor.


You don't have to waste one day in pursuing your specialized major. From their first semester, students who are planning to pursue Specialized Studies are encouraged to speak with advisors and professors to chart out their curriculum and begin preparing for the approval process.