Sport Product Development

Sporting goods is big business. Retail sporting equipment sales in the U.S. average approximately $60 billion annually and professionals working in the industry need to be equipped with the technical knowledge and skills to operate and grow their businesses. Consider a degree in Sport Product Development for a range of careers in the field of sporting goods including marketing, product line management, R&D, merchandising, retail management or operations

$915/credit hour
1-2 years
Now Accepting Applications
Spring, Summer and Fall

The Sport Product Development program emphasizes product and market strategy across six focused segments within the sporting goods industry: competitive team sports, extreme sports, fitness, individual sports, indoor games, and outdoor recreation sports. The 33 credit hour program is offered fully online and includes a six-credit internship. After completing six core courses, students choose an area of specialization to complete their degree.  

Highlighted Courses

Sport Product (3 credits)
This core class focuses on understanding the athlete and consumer insights that drive global markets. It emphasizes the tactical process of creating sport products including innovation, design, development, merchandising, testing, commercialization, costing and manufacturing. The course covers go-to-market approaches including pricing, discounting, marketing, allocations, sales, and retailing.

New Venture Planning (3 credits)
Student and student teams engage in customer discovery and brand strategy along with an assessment of innovative market opportunities and business requirements for the product creation process. Students gain the key insights needed to build effective brand strategies.


Career Outlook
The salary projections and breadth of career options for Sport Product Management graduates show vast potential for positive outcomes.
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