Environmental Science Extended Learning Opportunities

Engage in opportunities for scientific research—in the lab and out in the field—under the mentorship of faculty. Roll up your sleeves (literally) and learn how to do soil sampling, environmental sample analysis, plant and insect sampling, mammal trapping and several aquatic ecology techniques.

You’ll do much of your fieldwork at local nonprofit nature preserves and wildlife refuges, including Tifft Nature Preserve, the Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve and Chautauqua Lake.


Canisius Zoological Society

With a shared interest in animal-related activities, this student group invites guest speakers to campus and engages in nature-focused travel. Recent activities have included trips to the Buffalo Zoo, field trips and whale watching.

Tri Beta Biological Honor Society 

Environmental Science majors are eligible for club and national membership. Students participate in a variety of club activities, including scientific study, service, fundraising and social events. Membership in the national society is a distinct academic accomplishment.