The Spanish program educates students to excel in written and spoken Spanish through immersive courses and real application. Through hands-on, dynamic lessons in conversation and composition, you will learn to communicate effectively in professional and social situations; ideal for careers in business, education, medicine, law and humanitarian work. Over 500 million people around the globe speak Spanish and a degree opens career paths in every field, both in the United States and around the world. 

With an emphasis on Spanish language and culture, within the context of Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the US, the program explores written and oral communication, literature, film, politics, art, and contemporary studies. You can take unique electives that focus on film, literature, sexuality and gender, politics, business and many other disciplines. There are opportunities for study abroad programs (some with internships), tertulias (informal, conversational gatherings), a guest speaker series, service learning, film series and more. Canisius University has partnerships with Jesuit Universities in Latin America and Spain and you can even talk face to face with native Spanish speakers in Buffalo or around the world via Skype.


Spanish courses are taught exclusively by full-time and adjunct professors and classes typically are smaller in size. Students thrive in this environment, with graduates going on to pursue Fulbright and Boren Scholarships or teaching through prestigious programs such as English Opens Doors and Teach for America.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Canisius is located near a very vibrant and active Spanish speaking community allowing us to create valuable service learning opportunities, internships, and to forge important connections with the community through cultural events and professional relationships.

Faculty Student Collaboration
Majors benefit from a well-rounded, unique program of study including travel abroad, local venues, networking with peers and professionals here and overseas, and exposure to the great variety of this global language.
Faculty Scholarship
Dr. Richard Reitsma, PhD and Dr. Margaret Stefanski, PhD are active both on campus and in the community. Their scholarship and research interests span a wide variety of subjects and are linked closely to their teaching.