E-Bill Information

All Canisius University student bills are sent electronically (e-bill). Students and authorized users will now be able to view their student bill as a PDF in the online Student Accounts Center.  E-bills display the same information as paper statements: charges for tuition, fees, room, and board, as well as payments, financial aid credits, and pending financial aid.  The elimination of paper bills will enable Canisius to reduce the use of paper, toner and postage.

How do E-bills work?

  • Canisius will send an e-mail to students and authorized users indicating the e-bill is ready to be viewed.  E-bills will be available for immediate viewing in our secure online environment.
  • Students can authorize parents or other individuals to access their student account records.  Once authorized, users will receive an e-mail with login credentials which can be used to access the student's online information and the e-bill.
  • Authorized users will be able to print or save the e-bill, pay with check or make online ACH payments from within the Online Student Accounts Center.

E-Bill Help

Where will e-bill notifications be sent?

  • For students, e-bills will be sent to your Canisius email address. Additionally, all other authorized users for your account will also receive an e-mail notification.

How do I authorize someone else to view or pay my student bill?

  • Enter the Online Student Accounts Center, click on the “Authorized Users” tab near the top of the screen.
  • On the next screen, click on “Add an Authorized User.”
  • On the next screen, enter the authorized user’s email address. Allow them access to view and pay your bills and/or view your payment history by clicking on “Yes” and then selecting “Add User.”
  • Read the information on the next screen, enter the last four digits of your Canisius student ID number if requested, and click “Agree.”
  • Your authorized user’s email address will serve as their log in username. It is also where they’ll receive messages about your bill.
  • Their username and a randomly assigned password will be emailed to them.

How do I become an authorized user?

  • In accordance with the Federal Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), your student is the only person who can add you as an authorized user.

How will authorized users obtain my e-bill if they don’t have access to a computer?

  • If others normally pay your bill and they don’t have access to a computer, you’ll be able to print the bill and mail it to them or simply provide them with the balance due and the payment mailing address listed on the bill.

Can I get a text to my cell phone?

  • You can choose to also receive a text message when your e-bill is ready to view.
  • Once logged into the Online Student Accounts Center select the "My Profiles" tab, enter your telephone number and carrier.

What if I don’t notice the email notifying me about my e-bill or the email gets lost?

  • Failure to check e-bill availability is not valid grounds for waiving late-payment penalties or a student accounts hold. If you have problems viewing your bill contact the Student Records & Financial Services Center.

Can I receive a paper bill?

  • Paper bills will not be mailed.  Exceptions will be made for students who have a documented disability that makes using e-billing impractical. A written request and supporting documentation must be submitted to and approved by the Student Records & Financial Services Center.

How often are e-bills issued?

  • An initial e-bill will be sent to everyone at the beginning of each semester and a monthly e-bill will be sent to students with a balance due on their account.
  • However, your account information can be accessed at any time in the On-Line Student Accounts Center.

I’m an authorized user, but I’m not receiving emails about my student’s bill.

  • The Canisius e-bill message may have been misidentified as spam by your email program.  Please check your junk mail folder.
  • To ensure that future e-bill messages are delivered to your inbox, add @email to your email address book or list of contacts and to your email provider’s safe senders or white list.
  • Please also verify that your e-mail address is correct in the online Student Records & Financial Services Center.

I won’t be getting bills in regular mail, should I still keep my mailing address current?

  • Definitely! The College will still need to mail you important documents before and after you leave that can’t be sent electronically such as refund checks, 1098 tax notifications, transcripts and your diploma.

Questions about e-billing?

  • Contact the Student Records & Financial Services Center at @email