Honors Student Association

The Canisius Honors Student Association (HSA) is a student-run organization that represents the interests of Honors students, supports the All-College Honors Program, and is dedicated to building community, promoting academic intiatives, and encouraging service to others.

Led by a 5-member executive board, HSA strives to strengthen communication and interaction among Honors students, faculty, and staff. Special events, service activities, and travel opportunities are planned in order to enhance social and learning opportunities for Honors students.

Board Members 

Honors HSA

Jacob Dollendorf, President 

Year: Junior
Hometown: Grand Island, NY (Grand Island Senior High School)
Majors: Accounting, Finance, Marketing
Why Honors? “The community fostered through Canisius' Honors Program is what made me want to get more involved. Our Program has an established academic culture in which passionate students push one another to do the best they can not just in the classroom, but in everyday life.”


Meg Rooney canisius

Megan Rooney, Vice President 

Year: Senior
Hometown: North Tonawanda, NY (Mount St. Mary Academy)
Majors: Economics, Finance
Why Honors? “Our Honors Program is so special because of the people that comprise it. We are fortunate to have such a close-knit community. I am lucky to have met classmates that have become some of my closest friends and biggest supporters.”


Zachary Lundy, Treasurer 

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Newfane, NY (Newfane High School)
Majors: Mathematics/Statistics, Psychology 
Why Honors? "The Honors program had provided me with a chance to grow intellectually with like-minded individuals. In addition to the unique courses offered and the sense of community fostered by the students, Honors has provided me with numerous opportunities to grow as an individual, for which I could not be more grateful!"


Anna gullo honors

Anna Gullo, Secretary

Year: Junior
Hometown: Fredonia, NY (Fredonia High School)
Major: Psychology 
Why Honors? “Honors has been the highlight of my college experience. This community has given me a network of lifelong friends, along with countless opportunities for personal growth.”


Claire R Honors

Claire Rosenecker, Communications Chair 

Year: Junior
Hometown: Amherst, NY (Mount St. Mary Academy)
Majors: Accounting, Economics, Finance
Why Honors? “The Canisius Honors Program has not only significantly shaped and impacted my college experience, but it has also changed my way of thinking and viewing the world. The countless invaluable experiences, opportunities, and memories offered to me through Honors are ones I will cherish forever.”






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