Academic Integrity at Canisius

Academic integrity is the foundation of intellectual inquiry and growth. Demonstrating respect for intellectual work, whether one’s own or others’, fosters an atmosphere of trust and facilitates the free exchange of ideas, which is essential for learning. All members of the Canisius University community agree to exercise complete honesty in their academic work and accept responsibility for maintaining academic integrity.
Canisius University is committed to administering the Code of Academic Integrity in a manner consistent with the college’s mission: to teach responsibility, to foster learning, and to care for the intellectual and ethical development of the whole person.

The complete text of the Code, including discussion of policies, procedures, and sanctions, can be found in the Canisius University Catalog. 

View Complete Code of Academic Integrity

How does a faculty member report a violation of the code of academic integrity?

  1. Communicate with the student to discuss the incident. Explain the evidence of the purported violation so that the student can ask questions, offer explanation, or rebuttal.
  2. Given the totality of available evidence, determine whether the student has violated the Code based on whether it is more likely than not that a violation occurred.
  3. If a violation has occurred, determine an appropriate sanction (warning, grade reduction on the assignment, assignment failure, re-submission of the assignment, compensatory assignment, or course failure) and notify the student of the sanction within five business days after the initial communication about the incident.
  4. File an electronic “Faculty Report of Academic Integrity Violation” form within five business days of notifying the student. This form can be found under Forms in the portal or by clicking the link below. You will need to attach supporting documentation that outlines the evidence of the violation. Information about the student, such as ID number and major, can be found on iAdvise.

    View Report Form
  5. The form will be received by the Associate Dean of the school in which the course is offered. The Associate Dean will follow up with the faculty member if necessary. If this is the student’s first violation, the Associate Dean does not assign additional sanctions but does meet with the student to review the incident and college policy on the Code of Academic Integrity.