Physical Education (Initial Certification)

Physical education teachers make a big difference in the lives of children, as they promote physical activities and healthy habits. A Master’s in Physical Education takes you to the next step as a physical education teacher, equipping you to apply cutting edge instruction skills and real-world knowledge in today’s diverse school settings.

$915/credit hour
1 year
Initial Physical Education K-12
Currently Accepting Applications For
Spring, Summer and Fall

The program curriculum immerses you in the classroom and integrates theory, practice, and content into daily teaching and learning. It enables you to earn your initial teaching certification as you earn your master’s degree, allowing you to teach in New York State. If you are Canadian, you will be certified in New York first and then eligible to apply for certification in Ontario.

You will receive extensive field experience prior to student teaching. Your student teaching culminates in workshops in multicultural education, school violence prevention, drug and alcohol awareness, and resume and job search techniques. Service learning opportunities give you additional hands-on experience assisting with after-school programs, children’s sports leagues, nutrition education programs and others.

Highlighted Courses

Candidates pursuing the Physical Education Teacher Certification option take a wide range of pedagogical content courses and complete a total of 300 hours of practicum experiences before student teaching.
Some examples of these courses include:

  • PED 311 Movement and Elementary Activities
  • PED 354 Adapted Physical Education
  • PED 360 Motor Development
  • PED 371 Assessment in Physical Education
  • PED 380 Concepts of Teaching Sports Skills
  • PED 441 Teaching Methods of Physical Education


The curriculum is fully aligned with the New York State (NYS) standards for teacher preparation and will prepare you for the new NYS certification test and edTPA assessments.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Physical education majors receive extensive field experience prior to student teaching.

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