International Student Success Stories

Trueye Tafset
Trueye Tafset, MS in Cybersecurity (Home Country: Ethiopia)

“There's a unique magic in the air at Canisius, where every corner tells a story and every room is a step towards a brighter future. I'm truly impressed by the welcoming environment at Canisius University. From the moment I joined, I've felt a strong sense of inclusivity and support. The faculty, staff, and fellow students have created a community that fosters learning and growth, making it an exceptional place to pursue my education.”


Vivian Etim
Vivian Etim, BS in Computer Science (Home Country: Nigeria)

“As an international student from Nigeria studying Computer Science at Canisius University, I've found the program to be both challenging and rewarding. The diverse community and the hands-on approach to learning have really enriched my experience. The cultural exchange has been amazing, and the supportive environment here has made my journey in Computer Science truly memorable. I'm excited about the skills I've gained and the global perspective I've developed during my time at Canisius.”


Bhavana Anna
Bhavana Anna, MS in Cybersecurity (Home Country: India)

 “At Canisius University, I've found more than just an academic institution; it's a warm and welcoming community that fosters growth and collaboration. The professors in my cybersecurity program go beyond traditional roles; they are not just educators but mentors, genuinely passionate about imparting knowledge and supporting students. The emphasis is not merely on grades but on cultivating a deep understanding of the cybersecurity field.”


Ernest Frimpong
Ernest Frimpong, MS in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (Home Country: Ghana)

“Every student deserves a chance to unleash the full potential inside them, and that's exactly what the HESAA program has enabled me to do.”


Nanako Kishigami
Nanako Kishigami, Digital Media Arts (Home Country: Japan)

“I first heard about Canisius from one of my Japanese friends that had previously attended the institution. I really enjoy my major, Digital Media Arts, because I get to experience and learn new things every day and my classmates have been extremely supportive all along the way.”

Samuel Nortey
Samuel Nortey, MS in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (Home Country: Ghana)

“I really appreciate the Jesuit mission and the level of diversity in Canisius University.”


Narissa Williams Canisius
Nerissa Williams, MBA in Professional Accounting (Home Country: Dominica)

 “I chose Canisius and specifically the Professional Accounting program because it was one of the few programs that would allow and prepare me for the CPA exam. As soon as I started the program I was meeting people working in different fields that made me realize the true value of the Canisius network. Thanks to these opportunities, I’ve already secured my internship with Deloitte for next summer.”


Ismail Diyani
Ismail Diyani, MS in Finance (Home Country: Morocco)

“I decided to come to Canisius to pursue a Master of Science in Finance because the Golden Griffin Fund (GGF) will give me an opportunity to handle real money and gain hands-on experience in investment management. I also appreciate that my professors also work with me personally whenever I need support and are helping me reach my goal of working in M&A.“

Deepthi Krishna
Deepthi Krishna, Physician Assistant Studies (Home Country: India)

“So far, I have had an extremely rewarding and uplifting experience at Canisius. I am especially appreciative of the support I received from the ALANA (African American, Latinx American, Asian American, or Native American) Center and from my program director, faculty and staff in the PA program.”