Canisius MBA Alumni Outcome Stories

Our alumni move on to top organizations in Western New York and around the country thanks to professional development opportunities, challenging coursework and expert faculty. Canisius MBA graduates also benefit from an extensive network of alumni who can provide connections and guidance.

Professional Preparation

“The connections I made at Canisius were invaluable for me. I was given a direct line to an interview and landed a job before I even graduated. I was especially concerned about my career prospects out of grad school because I only had experience in restaurants before Canisius. The job I have now is very engaging and rewarding. Four years after I was hired, I’ve already been promoted to a high-responsibility position, managing the accounts of several multimillion-dollar companies.” 

Regis Cleary MBA ’14 
One-Year MBA 
Yield Book Analyst - Citi

Actionable Coursework 

“I started my Canisius MBA program in the Fall of 2014. At the time, I was the Advertising Director at The Buffalo News. The coursework was challenging and helped me develop the problem solving skills which are necessary in the fast-paced environment of the media industry. I also made new connections with students that were a support network during the program and have since become friends. After completing my MBA, I was promoted and am now the Vice President of Marketing and Digital Advertising at The Buffalo News.”
Shawn Buffum MBA ’16
Flexible MBA
Vice President of Marketing and Digital Advertising - The Buffalo News 

Community Connections

“It’s frequently touted that ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know.’ The Canisius MBA program gave me both parts of the equation. My professors in the program not only gave me a strong business foundation, but provided me with community connections that helped me get the job I have—and love—today. Canisius’ strong alumni network and reputation in Buffalo are just as valuable as the education you receive in the classroom!”
Molly Ferguson MBA ’16
One-Year MBA 
Competitive Intelligence Specialist - HealthNow

Flexible Scheduling

“The Canisius MBA Program is helping me by being flexible around my work schedule. The Flexible MBA Program, allows me to work during the day and go to school at night. The great thing about going to school and working at the same time is it enables me to apply the skills I am learning in the classroom to the real-world work I am doing. Another great thing about the MBA Program is we can attend networking events for free. Through these events, I have made connections with industry leaders in Buffalo who are Canisius graduates and can help mentor me as I push forward in my career.”
Lee Locklear ’17
Current Flexible MBA student
Events Coordinator- 43North