Institutional Learning Goals and Objectives

Learning opportunities at Canisius are abundant and varied. They occur in the classroom, in the community, through internships, on the field, and in many other ways. The Institutional Learning Goals, however, reflect the common set of attributes that we intend every Canisius graduate to possess as a result of their experiences in our courses, programs and co-curricular activities.  Academic Excellence, Community Involvement and Leadership, and an understanding of Catholic, Jesuit Mission and Identity are the pillars of that experience and achieved through a learning and living environment that emphasizes cura personalis.  The quality of the teaching, scholarship and mentorship by our faculty, the caring and supportive community, and the rich history and tradition upon which all of this rests are what make this possible.

Academic Excellence


a) Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge across humanistic, scientific, and social scientific fields.

b) Demonstrate a depth of knowledge in one or more fields of learning, possess the skills and habits of mind that derive from that knowledge, and sustain its further growth.

c) Demonstrate an awareness of the many perspectives that inform human experience and understand the responsibilities of a global citizen in the modern world.

d) Demonstrate a general knowledge of ethical and moral issues as well as ones specific to their fields of study.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

a) Identify, analyze, and comprehend the assumptions and underlying premises in theoretical and applied situations.

b) Synthesize new knowledge and apply it to present and future problems.


a) Find, evaluate, and effectively use information while understanding the ethical and legal issues governing academic and professional work.

b) Integrate current technologies into research and communication.

c) Write and speak with clarity and precision both in their academic disciplines and in more general situations.

Community Involvement and Leadership

a) Demonstrate leadership in the service of others, in intellectual and spiritual inquiry, and in assuming positions of responsibility in the community and marketplace.

Catholic & Jesuit Mission & Identity

a) Demonstrate a familiarity with dimensions of the Catholic and Jesuit intellectual traditions as they occur in literature, art, science, and social teaching.

b) In the Jesuit tradition, be intentional learners who can adapt to new environments, integrate knowledge, and continue learning throughout their lives.

c) Use their gifts for the service of others and the benefit of society.


Adopted May 2014