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Please contact the following individuals if you would like to know more about the program from the perspective of former candidates. These individuals would be happy to answer any questions.

Brianna Croce

Kaitlynn Hudden

Sara Henry 
Jennifer Kinyon
Stephanie Mannarino 


"After ten years of studying chiropractic and working as a chiropractor I really wanted to return to a previous career as a technology educator and computer teacher. Unfortunately, while I had kept up with technology very well on a personal level, my professional skills and knowledge of technology integration were years out of date. In May of 2015 I was accepted to the Educational Technology and Emerging Media Program at Canisius University. After two courses there my resume began gaining traction and I began getting interviews. I recently accepted at a position at a wonderful private school as a technology integrator and a computer teacher. I am positive that I would not have landed the position without all I have learned in the program. The program put me on very solid footing in terms of understanding current issues in educational technology and also gave me updated skills. While I have attended and graduated several excellent graduate programs, this is the first in which I can say that every class was interesting and enjoyable. I am pleased to be able to offer this program at Canisius such a strong recommendation."

-Arthur Raisfeld, BA, BS, MA, PD, DC.

"I took the first three courses from the Masters in educational technology and emerging media program to complete my Masters in educational leadership and supervision and earned a specialty extension on my degree.  I was so impressed with the course material, presentation, and the knowledge the instructors had from real-world experiences that I was motivated to enroll in the full master's program in educational technology and emerging media Canisius college.

The program is truly designed for working professionals and is taught by working professionals.  The courses are taught in 8 week modules entirely online through the use of a learning management system that is very user-friendly.  The course expectations are clear and challenging but also fun and rewarding and applicable right in the classroom.  Many of the projects and assignments that I've completed for the coursework in this program -I have used to some degree or in full with my students in my classroom.  Because of all that I've learned through this program I have transformed my classroom from a traditional approach towards a blended learning approach that utilizes technology, online learning management, and many digital resources that the students can access at home and at school to complete their schoolwork and foster their learning. A lot of the tools and resources that I have been exposed to have contributed to empowering my students to become independent learners.  This program is for any educator or administrator that wants to enhance the educational experience that their students are receiving through use of digital technology and wireless learning.  You'd be surprised at what the students are capable of when they are given these creative digital tools that you will learn in this program.  Not only are you exposed to multiple learning tools, you will also be exposed to state-of-the-art literature that is practical and motivating information.  Much of the literature that I read throughout the courses in this program have given me the opportunity to do a lot of self reflection of my own teaching and the way I interact with my students so that I can better meet their needs whatever they may be.  This is the third masters degree that I am earning and is probably the most rewarding and enriching experience of my educational career."

-Steven Pritchard

“When I chose to complete my Master’s program through online courses with Canisius University it was the best academic decision I made for my graduate career. The Educational Technologies and Emerging Media program had everything I was looking for. This online program is fully NYS accredited and leads to a professional teaching certificate. I was impressed that the program that was fully online, asynchronous, and would fit into my busy schedule while working a full time job. The program further expanded my knowledge about educational technologies and I have learned skills that I have been applying in my current teaching job in a special education classroom. The professors in the program were extremely professional, courteous, and helpful in every course I took. The classes were fun and I enjoyed meeting and learning from peers in different areas who shared their ideas and teaching experiences. This program helped me to grow as a more resourceful and technology-creative teacher.”   

-Brianna Croce
Staten Island, NY
December 2016 Graduate 

"The Educational Technologies and Emerging Media program at Canisius was something that fit me perfectly. Upon entering the program I was truly nervous about the loss of connection between professor and student due to the digital atmosphere of all classes. However, immediately starting classes and throughout my time enrolled, I never felt in the dark or alone. My professors were always available by either email or phone at anytime of the day. They were all so knowledgeable, helpful, kind and understanding. Each class was designed in an engaging and informative way, as I often took the aspects I was learning right back to my classroom to apply that day or week. During this program, I personally worked as a full-time teacher and never felt as if the workload was too much to handle. I highly recommend Canisius' Educational Technologies and Emerging Media program to any teacher, no matter their technology expertise level, as today’s technology encompasses us and our students’ learning."

-Kaitlynn Hudden  December 2016 Graduate