Advanced Credit Program at Canisius University

Canisius University is proud to partner with high schools to offer university coursework to their juniors and seniors. This program provides eligible students from participating schools the opportunity to earn full, transferable college credit, get first-hand experience of the academic environment in college, enhance their postsecondary applications and develop greater confidence in their ability to succeed after high school.

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The Basics

High schools that partner with Canisius under this program offer courses that are approved and managed by the university. Students take the courses as part of their regular schedule at their own high school and with their own high school teachers. Participants concurrently earn both credit at their high school as well as college credit.

When students sign up, they pay associated Canisius tuition and fees for their course. The cost for students in the program for the 2024-2025 academic year is $250 for a 3-credit-hour course ($75 tuition charge per credit hour plus a $25 administrative fee).

Upon completing the program, students earn 3 university credit hours documented in an official Canisius University transcript. The course you take for your program is directly equivalent to the course at Canisius University, and because other schools know the quality of a Canisius education, most of them will accept your credits too.

To ensure the quality of the program, Canisius University faculty are engaged in course approval and supervision. They work collaboratively with the high school instructor, and review and sign off on the syllabus, course content, evaluation, and more. Canisius faculty also actively monitor the program through its entirety.

The Benefits

Get real college credit

Participating students take an actual university course that’s designed, approved and monitored by Canisius faculty. When students complete the program, they are awarded 3 credit hours, equal to a full course, which is documented in a Canisius University transcript.

Compared to Advanced Placement test scores, which schools may not honor or may only count for a non-major elective course, credit awarded through the advanced credit program is transferable to most colleges and universities and more likely to count for specific classes, including major courses.

Get a jump-start on your college career

If your high school offers a Canisius University course that’s within a major or minor program that you’re interested in, you can start working toward your college degree and take higher-level program coursework sooner once you're in college. Even if you aren’t sure what you want to study, you can still enjoy the time- and money-saving benefits of accelerating your academic career, such as completing core curriculum requirements.

Bonus: With a college course on your transcript, you might be able to choose a lighter course load and ease into your first college semester. Or you can turn up your achievement and potentially graduate even faster.

Get experience of university-level coursework

You probably hear it all the time: “College isn’t high school.” This program gives you a sense of what it’s actually like. Not only can you get a feel of what’s in store for you, but you can also see how the study and time management skills that you developed while in high school will work in college. By the time you enroll in college, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Get a leg up on your college applications

When you’re ready to apply to schools, you can confidently demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in college – because you already have. 


To participate in the program, students must be a junior or senior at a partner high school and able to demonstrate that they are prepared to take on university-level coursework. The specifics of evaluating eligibility is on a school-by-school basis, so check with your high school to learn more.

To enroll in the program, students must complete the application and submit associated tuition and fees. Registration is done in September for fall semester and January for spring semester.

Partner with Canisius

High school administrators who want to make this high-impact, highly beneficial program available to their students can connect with Canisius University.

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Participating High Schools and Courses

ENT101HIntro to EntrepreneurshipWSBCanisius (free elective or major elective) & St. Francis
FIN101HFinancial FoundationsWSBCanisius (free elective)
MKT201HPrinciples of MarketingWSBCanisius & Clarence & Grand Island & St. Francis
ACC101HAccounting FoundationsWSBCanisius (free elective) & St. Francis
SPMT150HIntroduction to Sport MgtWSBCanisius
ABEC Animal ScienceABECErie 1 BOCES Animal Science
ABEC251Zoo Animal ManagementABECErie 1 BOCES Zoo, Wildlife and Conservation Careers program graduate
COM or DMA ElectiveCOM or DMAErie 1 BOCES Video Production and Recording Arts program graduate
CRJ227Criminal Justice ICRJErie 1 BOCES Criminal Justice Program graduate
CRJ ElectiveCRJErie 1 BOCES Legal Academy program graduate
DMA201Intro to DMADMAErie 1 BOCES Digital Media program graduate
DMA217Interaction DesignDMAErie 1 BOCES Web Technologies and Game Programming program graduate
KIN170Emergency CareKINErie 1 BOCES Sports Science Career Programs graduate
ABEC101HIntro Animal Behavior IABECNorth Collins
BUS100HPrinciples of BusinessWSBSt. Francis
EDU100HExploring Teaching ProfessionEDUTapestry


If I participate in the program, does that mean I’m admitted to Canisius University?

The Advanced Credit Program  is a special non-matriculating program, which means that you can take Canisius courses and receive college credit, but the program is not equivalent to enrolling as a degree-seeking undergraduate. Participants are welcomed and encouraged to apply to Canisius University for free.

Will credit that I earn through the program count at Canisius or other schools?

When you complete the program, you’ll receive 3 credit hours, which will be documented on your official Canisius University transcript. The course you take under this program is equivalent to the same course at Canisius. Should you enroll at Canisius, your credit will count automatically, and because other schools know the quality of a Canisius education, most of them will accept your credits too.

How can I access my Canisius transcript?

You can request to access and send your Canisius transcript to any college or university by visiting the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering Center. Contact our Student Records and Financial Services Center if you have any additional questions related to ordering your transcript.

How will participating in the program affect my GPA once I’m in college?

If you matriculate at Canisius, your grade in your Advanced Credit Program course will count toward your GPA as if you had taken it as an undergraduate. We can’t speak to how other schools calculate their GPAs, but in general, your credit will register as transfer credit, and most schools do not factor transfer courses into their GPAs.

Can I withdraw from the course after I’ve signed up?

If you want to withdraw from your course for any reason, you should talk to your teacher first – they may be able to help. If you’ve decided to withdraw, contact the Student Records and Financial Services Center. If you withdraw, your transcript will reflect a “W,” which means that you were authorized to withdraw from the course.

Find additional support and information

Contact the Student Records and Financial Services Center

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  • Phone: 716-888-2600