Mathematics Extended Learning Opportunities

Learning experience is enhanced through various opportunities available outside the classroom. These include: Student research, Internships, Math Club, and Tutoring/Grading.


Internship opportunities are often available at area financial institutions. This is especially helpful for those students who are pursuing actuarial fields. This past year, representatives from M&T Bank and BlueCross BlueShield visited the department. Selection is through a competitive process, but Canisius students have had good track record so far. There are also regular visits from Canisius alumni in the field, providing valuable advice and guidance.

Math Club

Math Club is an active student organization on campus. It offers a range of activities for students interested in mathematics: Problem-solving competitions; Card tournaments and Bowling nights; Learning about professional and graduate school opportunities; Service-oriented projects such as Community Day, Pi Day, or Relay for Life. This April, Math Club members were instrumental in helping to organize and host the UP-STAT 2016 Conference held at Canisius University. Some of the activities done in past years include: organizing a Math Career Night, and sponsoring a Christmas card sale to benefit a Jesuit high school in Micronesia. Math Club provides opportunities to form lasting friendships with student peers having similar interests as your own


Students are hired by the Tutoring Center or Math/Stats Department to work as graders, tutors, or teaching assistants. In addition to getting paid to help weaker students, this type of work provides valuable experience to students as it reinforces the knowledge gained from their classes.