Adolescence Education/Students with Disabilities (All Grades)

This program is for candidates that are seeking initial certification in Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) in a particular content area (Math, English, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, Business, etc.) as well as initial certification in Special Education (PreK-Grade 12).

$915/credit hour
2 years
54 Credits, Full-time or Part-time
Initial Content Area & SWD 7-12
Currently Accepting Applications For
Fall, Spring, Summer

NYS Certification for All Grades Special Education

Canisius is the first institution in Western New York to offer the newest NYS certification in Special Education - the All Grades Special Education certificate. Instead of only being certified in grades 1-6 or 7-12, upon program completion you will be prepared to work with students with disabilities from PreK-Grade 12

What this Means: 

  • Candidates will have a special education certification that allows them to work in primary, elementary, middle and high schools in New York State.
  • This program leads to a certification shortage area in NYS and in the US. Recently, NYS was ranked as one of the best states for teaching opportunities. 
  • This program helps students to qualify for the TEACH grant, which can help with tuition costs. Learn more about the TEACH grant. 
  • Additional coursework to meet the requirements for New York State Certification in Early Childhood (Birth-2), Early Childhood/Special Education certification (Birth-2), or the Middle School Extension in content areas is also available.


Earning a dual degree offers greater flexibility—holding two certifications will make it easier to move within a district to teach at different levels or different courses within your subject area.