Education- General

This program leads to a Master of Science in General Education Studies. This program does not require prior coursework in the field of education.

The General Education program offers students the opportunity to tailor their education towards obtaining their teaching certification while meeting New York State (NYS) requirements. Those who have already received certification in NYS can also benefit from the General Education Program by studying areas of interest and pursuing a master's degree for professional certification.

International students can take advantage of this program to gain a better understanding of the K-12 education system in the United States. The flexible on-campus coursework meets Visa requirements.

$915/credit hour
Now Accepting Applications For:
Spring, Summer, Fall for Domestic Students.
Spring and Fall for International Students

Personalized Pathways

This program offers students a personalized pathway to obtain their teaching certification, allowing them to select relevant coursework that meets the requirements set by NYS. Those who are already certified in NYS can pursue the General Education Program to expand their knowledge in areas of interest and obtain a master's degree for professional certification.

Program Outcomes

Graduates have the opportunity to apply for teaching positions abroad. Students who possess a valid initial teaching certificate may be eligible for professional certification in various states, including New York. However, it is important to carefully review state certification requirements to determine if the GE MS program satisfies professional teaching certification requirements as this may differ from state to state.

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