Professional and Technical Studies

In today’s competitive job market, a bachelor’s degree offers definite advantages. Studies show that in the first five years of a career, an employee with a bachelor’s will earn as much as 20 percent more than a coworker with an associate’s degree. If you have an associate’s degree from an accredited community or technical college, you can turn it into a bachelor’s degree in just two years through the Professional & Technical Studies program at Canisius. You can then consider completing a minor, going on to graduate school or making a career change.

The Professional & Technical Studies degree program enables you to transfer into Canisius University as a junior with a total of 60 credit hours. Take 15 credit hours each semester to graduate in two years, including core curriculum studies in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Foundational courses include academic writing, literature, philosophy and religious studies. You can also choose elective courses tailored to your specific educational goals.

Whether you’re focused  on a job or placement in a graduate school program, Canisius will give you opportunities for internships, community-based learning and service learning. If you pursued but didn’t complete your associate’s degree, or if you attended a four-year school but did not earn a degree, it may be possible to transfer credits. Our program director and staff will work with you to determine potential transfer credits.


At Canisius, our approach is highly personalized. Courses are not taught by teaching assistants. You’ll always be able to work closely with your advisor to determine which classes and electives will best suit your goals.