Support Services

HEOP Pre-Freshman Summer Program

All incoming HEOP pre-freshmen take part in an intensive six-week summer program which orients students to college life at Canisius and helps prepare them for future academic work. The purpose of this program is to assist students in making the academic, social and personal adjustments which are essential for educational success. The pre-freshman program offers a variety of courses and workshops. Courses consist of study skills, mathematics, and writing. Workshop topics include college life, financial aid, choosing a major, personal concerns, career planning and job techniques/skills.


We are aware that many students entering college experience challenges in this new environment. As a result, to help insure success, the COPE Office maintains a full-time counseling/advisement staff. This means that all COPE students, HEOP and MLK, may receive both individual and group counseling on a variety of topics vital to college success, including academic, personal, social, and career development. Freshmen and Sophomore students are required to meet with the COPE counselor at least four times each semester; Juniors and Seniors are required to see the counselor at least twice each semester. Canisius University also has it's own Counseling Center which offers support to all Canisius students. 

Tutorial Program

The COPE office provides free tutoring for all HEOP and MLK students, and the COPE Office's tutors are trained by a 'Master Tutor Trainer' certified by The Association for the Tutoring Profession. The COPE staff makes their best effort to provide students with a comprehensive list of tutors for a wide range of subject areas. It is the responsibility of the student in need of tutoring to contact the tutor to set up a meeting. If there is not a tutor listed for a particular course you would like tutoring for please contact Shana Richardson by calling the COPE office at 888-2575 or via e-mail at @email to make arrangements. Tutorial services are also available to all students through the college's Tutoring Center without cost.

Developmental/Remedial Courses

The Academic Development Center offers several developmental/remedial courses for students with limited experience in the areas of math, writing and language skills for non-native speaking students. These courses are specifically designed to help a student make a successful academic transition into other college courses.