Sociology Extended Learning Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Buffalo is an urban city that offers many diverse opportunities for you to explore careers and get valuable real world experience that enhances classroom work. Social service agencies such as Crisis Services are a great place to gain valuable experience. 

Additionally, many Canisius alumni are employed in local social service agencies such as:

  • the West Seneca Developmental Center
  • Sisters of Charity Hospital
  • Buffalo Employment and Training Center
  • Catholic Charities.

Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha, Kappa, Delta, the sociology honor society, promotes human welfare through a fellowship group interested in developing scientific knowledge that may be applied to the solution of social problems.  Students selected for membership meet regularly to discuss contemporary social challenges.  The honor society also sponsors panel presentations about careers in sociology. 

Community Based Learning

Dr. Erin Robinson connects students with research opportunities in Buffalo and surrounding communities. Her recent book, Community Mobilization for Environmental Problems: How a Grassroots Organization Forms and Works highlights these processes and shows how individuals can make a difference in social and environmental policy.

Students have worked on sociological dimensions of communities by engaging in research in urban communities. Investigating issues like urban planning, social justice, race relations, and environmental racism, students have first-hand experience and knowledge of everyday experiences in the communities surrounding Canisius University and the Hamlin Park neighborhood.