Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness degree will grant you knowledge and insight into the human body. You'll earn a Bachelor of Science degree and practical experience in the care and function of the body, touching on topics that draw upon sports science, kinesiology, and nutrition. Health and wellness works well alongside pre-med and other pre-professional programs as a powerful supplement, grounded with application and study. If you are looking to begin a career as a chiropractor, dietitian, physical therapist, athletic coach, or in allied health and related fields consider taking the program as a major or dual major.

The Health and Wellness program boasts a varied curriculum that pulls from several disciplines, touching on psychology, physiology, biology, and more. What behaviors are conducive to the maximized function of the human body? How does disease spread? What role does psychology have in the physical health of the body? You will address and explore all of these topics, as well as numerous contemporary issues. All majors work closely with advisement to design their educational road map. Advisers focus on career planning and supplementing goals with related courses or work study experience. Depending on your career goals, you may select from three specialization tracks: Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Physiology/Biomechanics, and Pre-Healthcare Professions.

Where Our Alumni Work

  • Assistant Fitness Assessment Manager for the United States Air Force
  • Care Coordinator with Kaleida Health at John R. Oishei Children's Hospital
  • Personal Training Coordinator at the YMCA
  • Physical Therapist at The Children's League
  • Owner and Head Coach of Bloodline CrossFit
  • Assistant Coach for RIT Women's Lacrosse
  • Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant at the Basset Medical Center


The Health and Wellness program is nationally respected, and competitive for placing students in the top graduate schools in the country. You will prepare to apply for certification through organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine and American Council on Exercise, upon graduation. You will benefit from small class sizes and professors that are active in both the academics and practice of the health and wellness fields.