Advanced Graduate Certificates in Business

Are you a business professional looking to further your knowledge in a specific area? Are you ready to acquire a new skill set that will enhance your resume or enable you to change careers? The Advanced Graduate Certificates in Business from the Richard J. Wehle School of Business can make these plans a reality. You’ll experience personalized attention, and benefit from the insights and practices that will allow you to make an impact regardless of your career path.

$940/credit hour
1 year
Summer, Fall, and Spring

Is an advanced certificate right for me?

If you already have a graduate business degree, an advanced certificate is one of the best ways to strengthen your knowledge in a specific area. An advanced certificate can help you stand out when looking to change roles, achieve a promotion, or pivot in your career. Requiring a commitment of just 15 credit hours, advanced certificates are quick and cost-effective to complete.

What about a business degree?

Maybe you have no business experience but are looking to break into a business-related field. A master’s in business administration (MBA), an MBA in professional accounting, or an MS in finance may be your best option. These degree programs offer a breadth of coursework so you can acquire the broad skill set needed to succeed. After completing an MBA or an MS degree, an advanced certificate is a great way to further specialize and increase your knowledge in a specific area.

Advanced Certificates

Choose from the following advanced certificates:

Each certificate program includes some online courses.

Admission Requirements for Advanced Certificates

  • Prerequisite courses may be waived depending on your educational background
  • You must hold a BS/BA or the equivalent 

For Canisius Alumni

Scholarships are available for Canisius alumni.

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