Political Science

Study political science and prepare for a variety of careers in public administration, politics, the law, national security, business, education or academia. Political science is also a strong foundation for teaching social studies. Follow your political dream – work in government, be a judge or a community leader. Get your start with a political science degree.

Explore how government and politics shape world affairs. Examine the workings of local, state, national and international government. Develop the tools necessary for research and analysis in political science, and study statistical methods and political culture and behavior. Classes emphasize simulation situations, as you plan political campaigns, serve as advance teams to political candidates and advise the U.S. president as members of his National Security Council.

The program offers many opportunities for learning outside the classroom including visits to Congress and the Supreme Court; travel to Europe for EuroSim, the international student simulation of the European Union; and political internships in Buffalo, Albany and Washington. You will develop a resume that sets you apart in a competitive job market.


Learn from faculty professionally involved in politics including a county legislator, an internationally known European security expert and a former political campaign manager and consultant.


Laurel Wreath
5-year acceptance rate to first choice law schools