Blue & Gold Alumni Scholarship

Move Forward With More Education

Are you a Griff who earned your undergraduate or graduate degree within the past five years? You may be eligible for our new Blue & Gold Alumni Scholarship to help you pursue additional education at Canisius.

Who: Undergraduate or graduate alumni who completed their degree program within the last 5 years of your graduate program term of entry. 

What: A 10% alumni discount to offset the cost of a qualifying Canisius graduate program

Why: Take advantage of this new alumni benefit so you can continue learning at Canisius, gain more marketable skills, and achieve your career goals.

Whether you want to earn a graduate credential or simply expand your knowledge in a particular area, let our  Blue & Gold Alumni Scholarship program help you move forward. Designed for newly graduated seniors and recent alumni, the program will begin with fall 2020 applicants who are new to our graduate programs. The 10% discount can be used toward a master’s-level degree, a certificate or non-matriculated classes (both online and on-campus). You do not need to apply for the scholarship; being admitted and enrolling in classes, you will automatically receive the discount.

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The Blue & Gold Alumni Scholarship is a standalone benefit for recent alumni. It cannot be used in combination with any other Canisius scholarships, tuition discounts or waivers. Applicants to the Master of Business Administration in Accounting (MBAA), Physician Assistant Studies and Anthrozoology programs are not eligible.

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