Self Help Resources

Note: These sites are not maintained by the Counseling Center or Canisius University. These pages may be helpful but are not meant to replace consultation or counseling with a mental health professional.

Online Resources

The Relaxation Room

A place for you to create positive change in your life.

This Virtual Relaxation Room is an experiential, self-paced environment designed to help Canisius students explore various relaxation resources for improving their emotional health and reducing stress. This room currently features audio and video instruction for stress management and relaxation.  

Relaxation is an important aspect of self-care. Even though it is a common concept, very few of us practice intentional relaxation. Intentional relaxation is different than exercising, zoning out, socializing, or pursuing a distraction like TV or a book. Those things are important, but they are not efforts that are truly focused on the act of relaxation.  Intentional relaxation is a purposeful, focused period of time during which one is mindful and alert, yet one's muscles are relaxed.

The tools in this Virtual Relaxation Room can be accessed at anytime.  The Virtual Relaxation Room is not intended to replace counseling, but to offer additional resources.  Everyone is different; so many people prefer one exercise over another.  Once you find which one/s you like, it is recommended that you practice them regularly so you can build the skill and make the exercise more effective for you.

Guided Meditations

Guided Imagery