Graduate School FAQ's

Not sure where to start with your graduate school search? Get familiar with the application process and check out some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective students just like you.

How to Begin the Application Process

You’ll create your application account here. If you’re applying to a graduate program, you’ll select “Graduate Regular” as your round. If you are returning to finish your program and have not attended in over a year, you'll select "Graduate Readmit". If you are seeking to take a few classes, but not complete a program, you'll select "Graduate Non-Matric". You’ll then follow the prompts along each section as you go through the application.

**If you are applying to the Physician Assistant program you will submit an application through CASPA.

Required Materials

You’ll upload a personal statement (some programs have a specific prompt that you’ll respond to) and a copy of your resume.

Recommendation Letters

Some programs require at least two letters of recommendation. Please refer to the program page for more information on this requirement. You can complete the recommendation through the application system by putting in the name and email of your provider. The system will contact them to complete the reference. The notification email may be sent to the junk or spam folder, so be sure to follow up with your provider. We also accept recommendations by email, mail, or fax.

Test Scores

Certain programs require test scores. You can find a guide on the test score section of the application, or refer to your program page for further clarification. You can upload a copy of your score report. If you have not yet taken the test, you can include the date in which you expect to take it.

Copies of Transcripts

A copy of your transcript is acceptable for review purposes. You can upload a copy right to the application. If there are any issues with the upload, we will contact you. Official transcripts are required once students have been accepted and they have received their degree. A transcript is considered official if it is sent directly to our office by the school and has the degree conferred on it.

After you have submitted your application, please allow for one business day for your materials to be processed and your checklist updated. You can check your status page to see any updates on your application, and we will be in touch with you if there are any additional materials that we require. 


Which program is right for me?

Deciding on a graduate program is a big decision that can help to influence your future career plans. We offer programs that cover a wide range of interests, and you can see all of the available programs that we offer here. Setting up a meeting with an admissions counselor is also a great way to learn more about our programs, and your counselor can help guide you towards a program that best suits your area of interest and career goals



How do I apply?

All programs except for Physician Assistant use our online application. Each program has different requirements for admission, so make sure you take a look at what is needed to apply for you specific program


Do I have a dedicated admissions counselor?

You will work with an admissions counselor who specializes in your area of interest. Your counselor will be able to assist you at all points of the admissions process. You can schedule a meeting with your counselor here


When can I start classes?

Canisius offers start terms in Fall, Spring and Summer for many of our graduate programs. Some masters programs such as Anthrozoology, Physician Assistant Studies, and CUTR admit students in certain semesters. Please refer to your specific program page to see the available start terms.


Is there a deadline to apply?

For some programs like Anthrozoology, Physician Assistant Studies, and CUTR there is a set deadline. Other programs have rolling admission and no application deadlines.

Is there financial aid available?

For many graduate students filling out the FAFSA is a great way to finance graduate school.  You may find the full list of resources and opportunities on our Financing Graduate School page. These include Graduate Assistantship positions, Wehle School of Business scholarships, specialized scholarships that are offered for catholic educators, and those that have completed a year of service with an organization such as AmeriCorps. 

If you work for one of our employer partners you may qualify for a 25% tuition discount. 


Can I use a copy of my transcript?

Copies of your transcript can be uploaded and used to make an admissions decision. If you are admitted into a program official transcripts will need to be sent to canisius directly from your previous institution.

What are official transcripts?

An “official transcript” is sent directly to Canisius University from the institution where you received your degree. In order to satisfy the official transcript requirement, your transcript must include your degree and date awarded. Please note: “In-progress” transcripts, or transcripts that do not include your degree awarded date, may be submitted for the application review process. Canisius University must receive official transcripts after acceptance into your graduate program to fulfill your admission requirement.


Do I need to take the GRE or GMAT for my program?

No, test scores are not required for our programs.

Where can I find my program code required for the NYS TEACH Website?

Instructions on how to obtain your program code, and more information about applying for your certification or advanced certificate through NYSED can be found here.

Can I get a refund for my enrollment deposit?

This policy outlines the conditions under which the enrollment deposit can be refunded, deferred, or transferred:

1.    Application of Enrollment Deposit: 
•    The deposit will be applied as a credit toward the student's first semester of attendance at Canisius University.

2.    Refund Policy:
•    Refund requests must be received in writing for fall applicants by May 1.
•    For spring applicants, refund requests must be received by December 1.
•    Refund requests must be submitted via email to @email.

3.    Non-Refundable after Deadlines:
•    After the specified deadlines, the enrollment deposit becomes non-refundable.
•    However, if the student decides to attend in a subsequent semester, it can be deferred for up to one academic year.

4.    Updates to Application:
•    If the student updates their application and enrollment deposit to a different semester, they forfeit their eligibility for a refund.

5.    International Applicants Visa Denial:
•    International applicants denied a student visa are eligible for an enrollment deposit refund.
•    Refund requests must be submitted within 30 days following the visa denial, accompanied by evidence of the denial.

This policy outlines the various scenarios regarding enrollment deposit refunds, deferrals, and transfers, providing clarity to students regarding their financial commitments to the university.

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