Adolescence Education- Undergraduate

Teaching adolescents – those students in grades 7 through high school – can be among the most challenging and rewarding careers in education. Students are transitioning from childhood to young adulthood and require much guidance, care and compassion. If you want to make a difference in these young lives, consider adolescence education.

Join a program built on the cornerstones of knowledge, service, professionalism and leadership. A broad range of field experiences, from observation and tutoring to a full semester of student teaching, is an essential part of the curriculum. You will graduate prepared to teach at the high school and junior high school levels, and you may also choose to continue your education at the college at the graduate level.

Participate in Buffalo's urban community through a variety of service-learning opportunities, interacting with an ethnically, racially, and culturally diverse population. As an Adolescence Education major, you have the opportunity to exceed the New York State requirement for 100 hours of fieldwork even before your student teaching.


The Adolescence Education program enables you to choose from nine certification programs at the adolescence level — grades 7 through 12.