All-College Honors Program: Thesis

The capstone of the Honors program is the Honors thesis that is completed in your senior year.  You can choose the topic you want to explore but it should draw on your past academic experience since it requires considerable independent thinking and creativity, self-discipline, and effective time management.


The thesis is a sustained piece of largely independent work, chosen by the student and directed by a faculty member approved by the Honors director. 


Recent thesis topics include:

  • Teaching Place Value to Elementary School Students: Why the Exploratory Method is More Effective
  • Beluga Babysitting: The Nature of Allomothering in Delphinapterus leucas
  • Economic Disparity in Drug Generation for Neglected Diseases and Vaccines
  • The Economic Implications of Derivatives-Based Strategies in Risk Management
  • Feeling the Heat: A Case for Immediate Action Against the Effects of Global Warming
  • Circling the Wagons: Why Western New York Will Profit from the Departure of the Buffalo Bills
  • Surviving Gone With the Wind: Survival and Its Impact on the Transformation of Gender RolesWould You Like Sushi with That? The Influence of Japanese Culture on the American Managerial Model over the Past Sixty Years​

Thesis Defense Videos

Thesis Forms:

Thesis Handbook
Thesis Defense Rubric
Thesis Donation Form