Bias Resource and Response Team (BRRT)

2023-2024 Members:

  • Bhavana Yadav Anna, Unity Representative
  • Dennis Assiam, Graduate Assistant, ALANA Student Center 
  • Sierra Bonerb, Director of Support Services, Griff Center
  • Anita Butera, Associate Professor, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Environmental Studies
  • Jeannette Delaney, Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Vivian Etim, International Student Representative
  • Eileen Herbert, Chief Communication Officer, Marketing & Communications
  • Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Professor, Pyschology
  • Mark Piatkowski, Associate Director, Student Life
  • Fatima Rodriguez Johnson, Associate Dean, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Aimee Larson, Director & Chair, Physician Assistant Program
  • Jonathan Lawrence, Associate Professor, Religious Studies/Theology
  • Patrick Stouter, Unity Student Representative  
  • Bennie Williams, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of the Multicultural Student Center
  • Bria Winship, Unity Representative

BRRT Committee Charge:

The Bias Resource and Response Team (BRRT) is a university committee devoted to campus-wide education and the promotion of best practices in addressing incidents and practices involving institutional and individual violations of university policies and values in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

The BRRT is charged with reviewing institutional actions, policies, and practices and making appropriate recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team as to how the university’s commitment to a campus culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are a priority can be enhanced and promoted.   

The BRRT is also charged with ensuring that incidents involving bias are recognized and addressed as such by persons or departments with primary jurisdiction for investigations and disciplinary processes, such as Human Resources, Public Safety, the Title IX Coordinator, and Student Life.  In these cases, the BRRT has supplementary jurisdiction and does not preempt existing institutional policies and processes.  The BRRT does not conduct independent investigations but instead, serves as a resource for those with primary responsibility for such investigations.

The college’s Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion will be the chair of the BRRT. Additional members of the BRRT are appointed by the President.


Bias Reporting Options

Should you wish to make a Bias Report, you can choose to complete the online report form available in myCanisius, leave a message on the Bias Hotline 716-888-BIAS(2427), or contact the BRRT Co-Chairs directly. To access the Bias Report Form in myCanisius, please click on the link below. Please note: The link may require you to log-in to myCanisius, however the log-in is not associated with the form. Individuals have the option to report anonymously.

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