Adolescence Education- Master's

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of young adults in grades 7-12, consider a Master’s in Adolescence Education. This on campus program will provide you with the opportunity to earn your initial teaching certification as you earn your master’s degree, allowing you to teach in New York State. You will gain real world experience through field placements and student teaching in diverse educational settings.  

$915/credit hour
1-2 years
33 Credits, Full-time or Part-time
Initial Content Area Grades 7-12
Currently Accepting Applications For
Fall, Spring, Summer

This program is appropriate if you are interested in becoming a teacher and earning New York State Initial Adolescence Teaching Certification. The Adolescence Education program provides the coursework and hands-on training you need for teacher certification in grades 7-12.  The program is open to students with a bachelor's degree in any major. 36 credit hours in an academic discipline is required (English, mathematics, social studies, French, German, Spanish, biology, chemistry, physics and business).  If a student does not have 36 credits as part of their undergraduate degree, they may take the credit concurrently as part of their program.


Specifically designed for teaching adolescents, the innovative curriculum immerses you in the classroom and integrates theory, practice, and content into daily teaching and learning.

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