IMC Skills Taught and Related Courses

The IMC program teaches a variety of specializations and skills that were previously separate in career paths but are now often intertwined. See each path below and how Canisius coursework helps prepare students for the track or tracks of their choice. 

Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is the practice of managing communications between organizations and individuals.

Public Relations courses at Canisius teach students media relations, social media management, crisis management, content creation, and influencer outreach. Public relations help bridge the gap between organizations and individuals by building trust and credibility.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Event Manager
o    Publicist
o    PR Writer
o    Reputation Manager
o    Program Coordinator   
o    Community Relations Director
o    Employee Relations Manager

Canisius Courses

o    COM 312 - PR: Principles and Practices
o    COM 330 - PR and Promotional Writing
o    COM 530 - Public Relations Writing

Social Media

Canisius courses prepare students to understand and apply the essential skills required for monitoring, managing, and measuring social media programs on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, etc. 

Students can also learn hands-on skills for social media branding and content production using social media tools.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Social Media Marketer
o    Social Media Manager
o    Content Manager
o    Content Developer
o    Brand Manager
o    Data Analyst
o    Social Media Community Manager

Canisius Courses

o    MKT 370 - Social Media Marketing
o    MKT 350 - Digital Marketing
o    COM 308 - Social Media Effects
o    COM 205 - Media Literacy
o    DMA 380 - Social Media Production


The primary goal of advertising is to generate interest in a product or idea. Advertising courses at Canisius teach students how to create awareness, target audiences, and use different channels of media to promote a product.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Event Planner
o    Copywriter
o    Social Media Manager
o    Campaign Manager
o    Account Executive  
o    Art Director

Canisius Courses

o    COM 311 - Principles of Advertising 
o    COM 315 - Advertising/Creative Process
o    COM 320 - Advertising Writing

Digital Media Arts

Digital Media allows for visual storytelling through a variety of mediums such as graphic design, video, animation, etc.  As a Digital Media Arts (DMA) student at Canisius, you’ll be introduced to the converging fields of digital design, animation, video, and interactive media. 

A degree in digital media will prepare you to work in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, web design, video production, video gaming, radio, and television broadcasting.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Digital Illustrator
o    Film Producer/Filmmaker
o    Animator
o    Photographer
o    Video Game Designer
o    Web Designer

Canisius Courses

o    DMA 201 - Intro to Digital Media
o    DMA 212 - Professional Practices
o    DMA 213 - 3D Graphics
o    DMA 218 - Motion Graphics
o    DMA 385 - Digital Filmmaking

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a type of marketing communication that encourages consumers to buy a product, service, or idea. Sales Promotion teaches students tactics and techniques that help an organization boost sales of a product or service.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Sales Representative
o    Account Executive 
o    Sales Manager
o    Sales Engineer
o    Sales Director

Canisius Courses

o    MKT 320 - Consumer Behavior
o    MKT 314 - Retailing
o    COM 354 - Influencers: Persuasion Theory

Data Analytics

Data Analytics involves taking raw data and turning it into digestible and actionable ides.  Data Analysts interpret and organize large amounts of data in order to communicate strategy. Canisius students learn to use software tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, etc. to analyze marketing data and make informed decisions.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Market Analyst
o    Business Analyst
o    Financial Analyst
o    Database Administrator
o    Database Developer
o    Software Engineer
o    Data Engineer
o    Quantitative Analyst

Canisius Courses

o    MKT 371 - Marketing Data Analytics 
o    MKT 397 - Search Marketing: SEO & PPC

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy involves several types of plans/strategies an organization can use to develop their business. Canisius courses teach positioning, targeting, product development, distribution, and more.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Digital Marketing Strategist
o    Brand Strategist 
o    Social Media Strategist 
o    Content Strategist
o    Communications Coordinator 
o    Marketing Manager
o    Account Manager

Canisius Courses

o    MKT 201 - Principles of Marketing 
o    MKT 446 - Global Marketing Strategy
o    MKT 604 - Marketing Management

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing uses digital platforms to connect brands with their customers.

Canisius provides students with insight on how modern industry is adopting new emerging media and technologies as marketing tools. Many innovative and evolutionary technologies/media will be introduced, such as blogs, mobile media, in- game advertising, virtual reality, hologram, touchscreen, social media, etc.

Common Jobs (Source:

o    Digital Marketing Strategist
o    Digital Marketing Manager
o    SEO Specialist
o    Email Marketing Specialist
o    Content Manager
o    Data Analyst
o    Digital Designer
o    UX Designer

Canisius Courses

o    MKT 350 - Digital Marketing
o    MKT 370 - Social Media Marketing
o    MKT 648 - Digital Marketing Strategies
o    MKT 397 - Search Marketing: SEO & PPC