Psychology Outcomes

Recent Graduate School Acceptances

Most of our students in the BS in Psychology program go on to pursue graduate work. Some recent acceptances include:

  • Clark University
  • Fordham University
  • State University of New York at Binghamton
  • State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Texas A&M University 
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Washington

Alumni Outcomes

Kelly Adamchick '02

School Psychologist-Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Preschool Evaluation Team (doing play-based Toni Linder evals)
School and Counseling Psychology-Michigan State PhD program
SUNY Buffalo School Psychology Program (CAS)
School Counseling certificate from SUNY Buffalo

"The personalized, smaller atmosphere at Canisius allowed me to obtain the best opportunities for practicum and research and to get to know my professors  well. The guidance of these professionals  who actually get to know you as people and friends is invaluable. The practicum (particularly Children's Hospital Therapeutic Preschool) helped me to specialize in the autism and preschool populations and know that these particular populations are what I wanted to specialize in for my career."

Kimberly Cologgi '13

Assistant Professor & Graduate Coordinator of SEPP at Barry University
MS & PhD from Florida State University in Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology (SEPP)

"When I was a getting my MS, I was one of the only students to have previous research experience.  The research I did in Dr. Lodi-Smiths lab helped me become familiar with the entire research process and ultimately lead to me completely my thesis on the same topic."

Sara Cunningham '16

Doctoral Student
Counseling Psychology PhD Program

"The psychology courses I took (in particular intro to assessment, advanced research methods, abnormal psychology, neuropsychology courses, and theories in counseling) prepared me extremely well for graduate level courses in these subjects and related subjects. I felt more prepared for the material and had a better background than some of my other cohort members and classmates. All of the psychology courses prepared me well for graduate level reading and writing. I was also exposed to many opportunities for research as an undergraduate. This prepared me very well for graduate level research. I had the opportunity to do clinical work at the IAR during undergrad. This gave me hands on experience in a clinical setting that prepared me to be a counseling psychologist."

Maureen Geiser '84

Pharmacy at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Services
Master's of Public Health at SUNY Albany School of Public Health

"The Psychology department - and Canisius in general - made me a more well-rounded student, which has been helpful in many ways. I took a number of different psych classes which gave me a broad perspective. A course in psychopharmacology helped spark my interest in pharmacology and pharmacy. The courses in counseling psychology have been helpful in communicating with my patients. Lifespan courses (developmental, adolescent, gerontology) have given me helpful insights in my career as a pharmacist."

Karly Hartz '17

Behavioral Health Aide at Eastern Niagara Hospital
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Medaille College

"My courses helped lay a foundation and increase my understanding of things I would experience at the hospital and how to handle situations that arise."

Emily Krezmien '07

School Psychologist and CSE Chair for Williamsville CSD
School Psychology at UB

"The opportunity to do an undergraduate practicum experience under a School Psychologist was incredibly important.  I was able to have hands-on experience prior to entering graduate school which was unusual within my cohort. My time at Canisius exposed me to a variety of different aspects within the field of psychology and provided me with a solid foundation for graduate school.  It also linked me with professionals in the field who I continue have relationships with."

Margaret Millar '11

Therapist II.  LCSW, CADC
Master's of Social Work Aurora University, Aurora, IL

"I found grad school to be far less difficult than my peers due to the education I received from the psychology department. I, often times, knew more than my peers so I did not have to work as hard. This meant I was able to put forth more effort towards my internships, which further assisted me in obtaining a job after grad school. Now, I conduct individual and group therapy. I also supervise a team of interns who provide therapy as well."


Jonah Perkins Canisius

Jonah Perkins '19 

New England School of Law 

The Buffalo News featured English and psychology graduate Joanah Perkins ’19 in a story entitled “From St. Luke’s to law school: Joanah Perkins blazes her own path.” 

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Samuel K. Hansen '15

Samuel Hansen

Commercial Enablement

"Psychology gave me 3 incredible tools that not only help me progress in my career, but shape how I view the world.

  1.  Be constantly curious of the precursors to a behavior: Where others see an action, I search for the motivation behind the action. If you understand one’s motivation, you can support that individual more effectively.

  2.  Effective research skills: I don’t use SPSS in my everyday role, but my research experience is critical to my understanding of market dynamics. It also helps evaluate resource credibility.

  3.  The Platinum Rule: Understanding how others communicate enables me to give feedback that makes sense to the recipient. Knowing when to ramp up analytical content or reduce to the most concise, direct format makes my coaching more actionable than my peers’.  [JL: In contrast to the Golden Rule, the Platinum Rule says to  treat people the way THEY want to be treated]."