Student Stories- Childhood /Special Education 1-6

Student Success Stories

Christine Fiorella

Christine Fiorella '19
Special Education Consultant Teacher
Tapestry Charter School, Buffalo, N.Y.  

"My name is Christine Fiorella. I graduated from Canisius University with my Master’s Degree in Childhood Special Education in May 2019. I attended Canisius University to receive my degree because I knew that the professors at Canisius would help and support me in every way throughout my journey to becoming a teacher. Canisius University has a hands-on Education Program that offers the opportunity to be in the classroom and experience what it is like to a be teacher right from the start. I was also impressed with the high academic standards at Canisius. With everything going on in the world, I still love teaching thanks to Canisius University!"


Colleen Garvin

Colleen Garvin '18
Buffalo Public Schools

"I chose Canisius to continue my education because they allowed me to make great local connections and learn how to teach in a diverse urban population. Every professor takes the time to get to know you and will remember you for years to come if you ever need anything. Because of my education and amazing guidance I received at Canisius, I had a job lined up before I even graduated. I started teaching special education full-time in Buffalo the day after I walked across the stage. I can honestly say I don’t think I’d be where I am today or the teacher I am today if I didn’t have the amazing, personal guidance and education I received at Canisius University."


Liz Brennan '20

Liz Brennan '20

"When looking at colleges to go to for my Masters degree in Special Education, I looked for an environment that would be small and personal so that I was able to actually know my teachers. The teachers at Canisius helped me to reach my full potential throughout the two years I was there. I completed multiple placements before student teaching, which help me to gain experience before going into a full student teaching placement. One of those placements ended up being so amazing, that I applied to the school and now I am working there! I completed my student teaching placement online helping to teach virtually. The advisors at Canisius understood how hard it was for us to complete our placements and worked with us to make sure that we would be able to graduate in May. I am forever thankful for this because helping to teach remotely was such a learning experience. I can never thank the teachers at Canisius enough for helping me to gain the experience and knowledge I needed in order to become the teacher I am today!"

Clare Boehly '19

claire boehly canisius

"As a special education teacher in the Rochester City School District, I have landed my dream job. I teach in an Inclusive Co-Taught Classroom which incorporates both general education students and special education students. My first year teaching, I was blessed to be the 5th grade sped teacher in an ICOT room with a caseload of 10 special education students. It was a challenging caseload as a fist year teacher, but my co-teachers always had my back and I learned that much of teaching is learning as you go. I was always able to reach my Canisius mentors for support, as well. I was grateful for all that I had learned at Canisius because it prepared me for writing IEPs, progress notes, and forming relationships with my students’ families."