Simply stated, biology is the study of life. A complete education in biology requires a survey of the natural sciences that integrates ecology and evolution with organismal, cellular, and molecular biology. For a comprehensive, transformative education, biology students are engaged in rigorous classroom instruction as well as dynamic, hands-on research. Biology majors enjoy being challenged in the classroom, lab, and the field; they are thereby provided the tools for success in post-graduate studies and careers of interest. In biology, you will prepare for a broad selection of paths in the biological sciences including industry, research, health-related professions, and education.

The Biology Department seeks to engage and challenge students through personalized educational experiences that prepare graduates for success in any biology-related career. Department courses emphasize active faculty-student mentorship through small class size and hands-on scientific practice in the lab and field. Faculty members provide a broad coverage of expertise that offers students a solid foundation in core biological principles/skills. The program's diverse research interests give students the vital benefit of research opportunities that address significant biological questions. The department offers a special Biology with Distinction degree for any biology majors interested in pursuing post-graduate education. The department also offers six biology minors to students wishing particular specialization:

  • Cell and Molecular
  • Environmental
  • Neuroscience
  • General Biology (for non-biology majors)
  • Animal Behavior
  • Zoo Biology

Hear From Our Students

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"Canisius helped me make connections as an undergraduate that are helping me now as a medical student, opening doors and making amazing opportunities possible"
Camryn Warren


In this major, you are a part of a highly successful Biology Department with ties to institutions such as Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Program graduates have successfully attained advanced graduate degrees in academic or health-related careers. Others have found employment in industry, research, education, or government service. The Biology Department has produced three Fulbright scholars, and past graduates have been admitted to some of the most competitive advanced degree programs in the country.


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Laurel Wreath
Student Clubs and Other Learning Opportunities
In addition to cutting-edge research, Biology majors enjoy other endeavors such as the American Society for Microbiology, (Tri-Beta) Biological Honor Society and the Women in Science club.
Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Scientific research experience is vital to future academic or professional study. Students are encouraged to actively participate in research mentored by faculty, which extends through a wide range of biological interests.