Pre-Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program

The field of engineering is broad and can be divided into five main branches: mechanical, electrical, chemical, nuclear and civil. These areas of expertise influence the scale of our technology, determine the strength of our infrastructure, and guide other innovative solutions designed to improve human life. Common career paths: industrial engineer, structural engineer, environmental engineer, electrical engineer, civil engineer, biomedical engineer.

If you’re considering an engineering career, Canisius is the perfect starting point. Our non-degree program provides a comprehensive two-year foundation so you can transfer to another institution and complete the final two years of a four-year degree program. Hands-on advisement from our dedicated faculty will help you identify the engineering path that’s right for you—everything from which branch to specialize in to which engineering programs to apply to.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our program gives you the best of both worlds: a standard pre-engineering curriculum combined with rigorous courses grounded in the liberal arts. You’ll be exposed to different disciplines even as you do project-based learning in calculus, chemistry and physics. 

The Personal Touch

At Canisius, pre-engineering students enjoy small classes and personal attention. (In fact, a class of 30 is considered big.) This means you’ll have lots of opportunities to ask questions and participate actively in class. You’ll also build strong connections with your professors. They’ll get to know you as an individual, not just their student, and offer constructive feedback on your strengths and areas for growth.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

A well-rounded perspective is consistent with the liberal arts core at Canisius. Along with required courses in calculus, chemistry and physics, our 2+2 Pre-Engineering program will arm you with a set of transferable skills, including written and oral communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking. Guided by Jesuit values, you’ll also consider the ethical issues that influence best practices in engineering.


Laurel Wreath
100% acceptance rate
to an engineering program at a four-year school