Philosophy is the cornerstone of Jesuit education. Through knowledge, reason, and logic, philosophy seeks to explore questions that have ancient roots and modern significance. Students that study Philosophy are creative and insightful. They are critical thinkers that are driven in spite of challenge. By immersing yourself in questions of ethics, morality, justice and reason, you will sharpen your mind and prepare for a full life and career. You will hone skills as a debater through study of reason and logic. Philosophy students are taught to think and communicate at a high level, and develop talent in writing and reading comprehension. Philosophy is a strong foundation to build a career in business, law, politics, research, medicine and more.

Coursework in the Philosophy program is designed to offer you the ability to explore the discipline on your terms, while at the same time learning skills and concepts that will become invaluable. Courses involve lecture, reading, lively discussion as well as active research to test philosophical ideas in the real world. You will take courses in applying philosophical concepts to modern topics of race, gender and the environment. For the philosophy minor or dual major, you can elect to take courses that combine philosophical study with your chosen field (medicine, law, religion), or take a minor concentration in Justice or Ethics. For majors, the Ignatian scholar track prepares you for advanced study of philosophy.


Many philosophy graduates have gone on to have successful careers in medicine at Buffalo General Hospital. Graduates have worked for organizations including Catholic Charities and the Diocese of Buffalo, or even multinational corporations such as IBM. Students can also join the Philosophy Club and the Philosophy Honors Society, Phi Sigma Tau.


Alumni Outcome Stories
Graduates have entered the workforce in a wide variety of areas, while others have chosen to continue their education in graduate school.