Computer Science

The field of computer science offers a variety of career paths, and the demand for computer professionals will keep growing at a rapid pace. If you’re a 21st century problem-solver with an interest in technology-based solutions, consider a major or minor in computer science.

Common career paths: 

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Database Administrator

As a computer science student at Canisius, you’ll learn more than programming or how to use a single technology. You’ll also develop a broad set of skills that include algorithmic thinking, and explore the many ways technology impacts our everyday lives. Through a combination of hands-on learning and lab research, you’ll apply classroom concepts for a deeper understanding. And to meet the complex needs of a hyperconnected world, you’ll study best practices for the ethical use of computers, devices and information technology.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

A well-rounded perspective is consistent with the liberal arts core at Canisius. Along with technical expertise in computer science, our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program will arm you with the skills needed to thrive in the professional world—including written and oral communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking. Guided by Jesuit values, you’ll also cultivate a thoughtful approach to the ethical use of technology.

Real-World Learning Experience
Available during junior and senior year, internships are a culminating opportunity to apply classroom theory to real-world creative challenges.

Cluster Computing, Robots and More

Resources typically unavailable to undergraduates take center stage in our computer science program. As a major, you’ll work with a cluster of 12 networked computers in our state-of-the-art lab, and by the time you graduate, you’ll write 3 or more parallel programs. Our computer science program also uses robots, and most courses feature free or open-source software to minimize cost.

Collaborative Research

Unlike computer science programs at larger institutions, students enjoy close collaboration with faculty, even at the undergraduate level. You’ll work with professors on cutting-edge research in a number of areas, including efficient use and reclamation of memory, artificial intelligence techniques, robot simulators and 3D technology. 

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Where Our Students Intern 

Here’s a sampling of recent internships:

  • Amazon, software development 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY, web development
  • Kodak NexPress, software engineering
  • MBMS, software development
  • National Fuel Gas, information technology
  • Pegula Sports and Entertainment, mobile support
  • University at Buffalo Genomics and Bioinformatics Core

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Graduate School Connections: 4+1 Cybersecurity Program

Canisius Computer Science students can earn a Master of Science in Cybersecurity with just one extra year of schooling, thanks to our unique 4+1 program. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields in the country, and we're proud to offer Western New York’s only technology-based master’s-level cybersecurity program.

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