Army ROTC Training Opportunities

ROTC Summer Training

Advanced Camp

Every Army ROTC cadet who enters the Advance Course will attend CLC. It is a rigorous 29 day summer course that is designed to train and evaluate all Army ROTC cadets. This course normally takes place between a cadets' junior and senior years of college and is held at Ft. Knox, KY.

Basic Camp

Cadets take part in CIET when they enter Army ROTC as rising juniors or graduate students. This course is four weeks at Ft Knox, KY and allows Cadets to "catch up" to those students who joined the program their freshman or sophomore year. It is conducted in four phases. The first phase introduces cadets to the Army and prepares them for the next three phases consisting of team building, leadership development and Field Training Exercises. Most graduates of CIET are very competitive for two year scholarships. Students without prior service or who did not complete the basic course are required to attend CLC in order to enter the Advanced Course.

Military Schools

airborne school canisius
Airborne School

Normally open to rising sophomores or seniors, this intense 3-week school in Fort Benning, GA teaches students the basics of Army parachuting and airborne operations. Students will be challenged mentally and physically and earn the coveted Airborne Wings if they complete this course!

air assault canisius
Air Assault School

A physically challenging 10-day course at Fort Campbell, Kentucky designed to train train soldiers in air assault operations, sling-load operations, and rappelling.  Upon graduation of the course each soldier will be able to perform skills required to make maximum use of helicopter assets in training and in combat to support their unit operations.

canisius mountain warfare school
Mountain Warfare School

Army Mountain Warfare School (AMWS) provides tactical and technical training for mountain warfare and cold weather operations. AMWS courses enable soldiers to operate successfully using proven techniques derived from lessons learned by units currently engaged in mountain warfare. AMWS is located in the mountains of Jericho, Vermont at Camp Ethan Allen Training Site. Graduates of the Basic Military Mountaineer Course (BMMC) earn the SQI-E "Military Mountaineer."